Hi! I'm Litao Yan


Ph.D. in CIS
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Hello! I'm Litao Yan, currently pursuing my Ph.D. at UPenn under the guidance of Prof. Andrew Head. My research is deeply rooted in human-AI interaction, focusing on how humans and AI can collaboratively enhance each other's capabilities. I'm particularly passionate about developing programming assistants with the power of large language models (LLMs) that can seamlessly integrate with developers' workflows, making the coding process more intuitive and efficient.


Research Projects


Penn HCI

Ivie: Lightweight Anchored Explanations of Just-Generated Code

I developed a tool that instantly offers anchored explanations for generated code. My first author paper is publiched at CHI 2024.

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Harvard Glassman Lab

Visualizing Examples of Deep Neural Networks at Scale

The ExampleNet is an interactive interface to explore various neural network design decisions. I conducted a within-subject study that proves the usefulness of ExampleNet.

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Harvard Glassman Lab, UC Berkeley EECS

Comparing Programming Libraries through Examples with Concept Labels

Developed LibComp—an interactive user interface with concept hierarchy and labeled code examples to help developers compare the expressiveness and code complexity of multiple libraries.

Prior Research


VisMeet: Data-Enhanced Video Conferencing

VisMeet presents the interactive visualizations of the implicit online meeting data with the users. The between-subject study I conducted shows the effectiveness of it in building users' awareness of the meeting in a short time.

Other Projects